The title of this post is very tongue in cheek and a bit of a jab at click-bait posts, but I genuinely have a “trick” that will make starting up PowerShell faster and give you hours back throughout your development career.

You may be familiar with the Microsoft copyright presented on every new PowerShell session.

PowerShell 6.2.3
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Type 'help' to get help.

It’s great that Microsoft built PowerShell, but being reminded of it with every session is a bit obnoxious. You can tell PowerShell not to display the copyright, and it should start your session up considerably faster.

> powershell.exe -nologo

The -nologo flag also works for those running PowerShell Core on macOS.

> pwsh -nologo

Here is a screenshot before adding the -nologo flag.

powershell without nologo

And here it is after.

powershell without nologo

If you are running a console emulator, make sure you update the configuration with the -nologo flag. I hope you find this helpful and get back a few more seconds of productivity.